Introduction to the Portfolio

Throughout the semester I’ve experienced a lot of things with, how to start my questions for my research project to actually coming up with something to talk about. Having the decision to write about anything that interested me was the tough part of getting started because I didn’t know where to start. I was overwhelmed by all the possibilities that I felt indecisive at the beginning I started off with wanting to talk about lucid dreaming and ended up changing my topic throughout the middle of this project to organ trafficking. In this portfolio you will see how I started off really interested in lucid dreaming but after a while I realized that I had nothing else to say about lucid dreaming so the other topic that I found interesting was organ trafficking. With organ trafficking as my new topic I explained what it is and where it can happen, also whom it happens to and the effects of the results of people who get organ trafficked. The work that I have done with organ trafficking represents that I was interested in finding out more information about what organ trafficking really was and how it happens.

What I also learned about writing in this class is that you should give up with writing if you are interested in something you should look up the specific topic and write about it. While in this class I didn’t know how to blog, make websites, use I movie and use sites. Before starting this class I was worried about my writing because I wasn’t really a strong writer and I also didn’t know how to site very well. But being in this class I’ve learned a lot of things that will help my writing in the future.

What I considered my best writing throughout this semester had to be my proposal because at the beginning while writing I didn’t have enough information because I couldn’t dig up anymore. While looking up information for Lucid dreaming, but when I changed my topic to organ trafficking I had so much to talk about, so in my proposal went from being not so good with information to being great with a lot of more information. I feel like that was my strongest part of starting up this project, even though it took me a while to get it started

While going through my information the reader should see as my final project is a brochure, and should know that organ trafficking is a horrible thing that is happening out there in the world, it might be happening right in front of our faces but we might not realize it, just think about every second someone is either donating their kidney or someone is getting their organ taken from them by a broker. My goals for this final project is to inform the people that there is something horrible happening out in the world that we don’t really know so I just wanted to inform my readers about something they don’t see in a everyday life like others that live in third world countries. I hope my readers gain knowledge and may want to look up the problem a bit more. While setting up my brochure I wish I could have added more pictures onto my brochure because I didn’t really find any really good picture. I feel like pictures in a brochure really tell a vivid story. Overall I am very proud of the finished product because not a lot of people decided to do a brochure so I feel really proud that I went on with the decision to make an informational brochure to inform readers.

Creating this portfolio website, has made me realize that I’ve grown not only a student also a writer. Throughout the process of putting this together I now feel like I have the ability to overcome any writing assignment that comes at me in the future because I have learned to do so much throughout a short period of time in this class. At the end setting up the extra pages on the word press was a bit confusing but I figured it out. I liked how this class was really different to any of the other English classes I have taken in the past. This course was really fun and I really enjoyed doing something different in an English class, I certainly liked that we got the freedom to go with whatever we wanted as out writing project.


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