About myself


Hello everyone my name is Natalie Alba, I’m currently a Freshman enrolled at California State University, Chico I’m from Hollywood , CA. I am a middle child out of 6 male siblings. I am the first one to attend college. Starting of with no one to depend on for help while on this college journey, is a bit difficult because my family members can’t really relate. Coming to college was a big step for myself because, during the process I have had to overcome obstacles, that will benefit me in the future. Coming to Chico all the way from Los Angeles was a big change because I was so used to the city and Chico isn’t much of a big city.I liked that I decided to come to chico because it is really different and everyone here is really welcoming.One thing I didn’t like about chico is that the weather here is really weird, its either really cold or really hot,and thats something that i had to get used to.  I am currently a Biology major interested into going to Veterinarian school after my time here in Chico. I want become a Veterinarian for small animals. I really hope I can accomplish the journey because all my life I’ve had an interest in animals, and would like to help them out. I really like to spend my time looking at nature and spending time around animals.  I currently have a Dog back home her name is Molly. The picture below is my dog Molly I haven’t met many people that have an interest in working with small animals in the future. Being an animal owner for quit some time now I feel like I really have a connection with them, for that same reason I want to be a veterinarian. While being here at chico I’ve made plenty of friends and also met some pretty chill people. I hope i get to meet more people throughout my time here. Being in this english class has changed my perspective of English, this was one of the best english classes I’ve been in. While working on this blog it kinda reminded me  of Tumblr so this was a fun thing to work on. IMG_0476 (2)


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