Proposal Assignment


What is  Organ Trafficking ? Organ Trafficking is when you either donate your organs like Kidney, Liver, heart, lung and pancreas, or people are killed and their organs are stolen and sold to those that need the organs for money. What is the definition of organ trafficking? Exploitation is the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or position of vulnerability. You may be wondering how does this relate to us? Well its happening around the whole world around us, so we should care about this topic.There is also tourists that want to go visit around the world and get offered a drink by someone that is from that area and next thing you know they are drugged up and the people stole what they needed from the tourist. Who might get organ trafficked? This usually happens to poor and desperate people that are promised false things to get them to donate or sell their organs. Sometimes the people that steal the organs steal organs from children.These people get cheated on and lied to by these other people that are taking their organs and promise them large amounts of money is pretty sad, because these desperate and poor people will do anything for money. The effect of organ trafficking is something people should be worrying about even though it might not happen here in the United States, but it can happen mostly in Kosovo,Mozambique, Israel, India, Pakistan, Egypt, China, and Moldova. So people should be concerned if they are planning on traveling. To operate on someone that is paying to get a organ transplant is illegal, the procedure cannot happen if the government doesn’t know about it. The person that is performing it can go to jail for performing such an illegal thing.

People Pay large amounts of money to get Organ transplant from someone that is willing to sell their good kidney , these surgeries usually happen with doctors that are willing to put their life on the line just to perform something this illegal. Most of the doctors that

audience people who are victims of it, people who understand they are going somewhere to make money, buying it to be a middleman, people who are waiting for a donation. People who support organ trafficking.

What the brokers usually look for while hunting down for organs that they might think that are in good shape are usually a male around the age of 28. Brokers don’t usually look for women. In the article “Baby-Parts story : A New Latin American Legend” Véronique Campion-Vincent informs us that the children that are poor and don’t have much and disappear from their homes are usually picked up by people and get placed in a foster home  and sold to people for about $20,000. People that have higher power usually buy these children to use their organs on another child that is more wealthier so they use their organs.

What is black market organ trafficking? The black market organ trafficking is when organs are sold illegally in traffic and are controlled by people with high power.

Research Questions:

What are the effects of people that are organ trafficked?

Do children get Organ trafficked too?

How can we stop Organ trafficking?

what are some ways people can avoid being organ trafficked

who gets affected by organ trafficking the most

who is targeted the most .

Research Summary :

In the article” The battle for human organs: organ trafficking and transplant tourism in a global context” Frederike Ambagtsheer, Damian Zaitch, and Williem Weimer have wrote an article stating that organ transplants has been one of the most remarkable medical inventions and ever since the first transplant in 1954 organ transplantation has saved thousands of lives. Human organs for transplants have two sources, the most common being deceased donors and living donors who can donate a whole kidney, half of a liver or the lobe of one lung. A lot of patients who are in need of an organ end up waiting years for an organ because in order for a patient to receive the donation the organ can’t have any damage it has to be in good conditions. The authors Frederike Ambagtsheer, Damián Zaitch and Willem Weimar talked about this insident that happend ,”In Novermber 2012 a man in New York was convicted to 2.5 years in prison for brokering a kidney sale between Israeli doners, It was said that the patient paid $160,000 for the transplant.

According to the article “Exploring the gray area in the organ trafficking” Kimberly Leonard informs us about an incident of a man named Raul Frain , he was dying of kidney failure and doctors informed him that he would have to wait 12 years to receive a transplant in him hometown Canada. Raul Frain then traveled to Kosovo to get a kidney and paid $105,000 and received a transplant from a Turkish Surgeon. Every month more than 2,000 people are on the list waiting to receive a transplant. About 18 people die everyday because they are waiting on a transplant in the united states . The organ in the highest demand is the Kidney about 7,000 kidneys are obtained illegally every year According to a global financial Integrity.

In the article “ Can China stop Organ Trafficking”Jiayang Fan talks about a six year old boy from china named Guo Bin thought that the sky had gone permanently dark after waking up one day in the summer. His parents thought that he had just fell , but they didn’t realize that his eyes were missing and the only thing inside of his eyes were only the pits. The Little boy Guo Bin told his mother that the last thing they told him “don’t cry, and i won’t gouge your eyes out”. The little boy had been kidnapped and drugged.

In the article “organ trafficking : more than just a myth” Linsey Wagner she informs us that there is a lot of stories out there talking about how tourists go out on vacation get offered a drink by a pretty girl , they talk for some time while being at a restaurant or a club then next thing you know the guy that accepted the drink from the pretty girl doesn’t remember nothing that happened last night all they remember was when she bought him the drink. The guy wakes up not knowing what happens just that he wakes up in a hotel in the bathtub filled with ice and some pain on the side, then just realizing he has a scar that has been stitched up, now one of his organs will be sold for thousands of dollars.

In the article “Micro Loans can lead to organ trafficking” Andy Henion informs us that lots of people that are less fortunate than us end up having no choice then to sell their kidney for money because throughout time they take out loans and they can’t afford to pay none of that money because they amount they owe back is ridiculously high so they were under pressure so they ended up selling their kidneys. in the article Andy Henion talked about how this particular thing happen in bangladesh in a rare village that had underground phenomenon. Us as humans can live without some of our kidneys thats why brokers tend to want to sell the organs that they steal. We can live without one of our kidneys , half of our liver, thats why these are the most recent organs taken.

The United states a black market for human tissue exists, it involves bodies about to be cremated. A black market broker may enter into a financial arrangement with a criminally intention to carve up the bodies before they are cremated to steal some tissue. The tissue is then sold.


Benefits and audience:

I imagine my audience to be people that are interested in learning more about organ trafficking. I want people to be informed about organ trafficking and also warn people where these kinds of things happen. I want the audience to have a reaction about them maybe trying to go out in the world to stop this horrible thing that people are doing to the poor and the vulnerable.

Inquiry Project

For my inquiry project i’m deciding to make a brochure about organ trafficking, my brochure will be front and and back . I decided to make a brochure because i feel like i can pass them around to people and they can learn a lot just from one paper. My brochure will be very informative.


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